Ray J and Brandy team up for their new “R & B” Project

Well, its been said that big sister Brandy and little Brother Ray J are in the process of putting together a collaborative album entitled “ R & B ” …  pretty clever huh? R & B ; which stands for Ray J and Brandy .. And of course the obvious name which also represents their genre.  

It was confirmed by Brandy, when she visited New York’s Hot 97 on Thursday, that the album is in the planning stages right now. She Said that it was always their mother’s dream to have an album with both her son and daughter to do a project together. 

“ R & B ” isn’t the only recording for the duo has created; in 2001 Brandy was featured on Ray J’s UK hit “Another Day in Paradise,” which regrettably was never released in the U.S.

Though further information about the album is unavailable right now, fans can look forward to finding both Ray J and Brandy in record stores and even on the small screen within the next few months.

Ray J, who is currently enjoying the success with his latest album “All I Feel” and hit single “Sexy Can I” and his follow up sexy ” Gifts “. He also has been taped for VH1 and will appear in a new reality show series similar to the popular show “Flavor Of Love.” Oh Lord, this should be real interesting.

As for Brandy, the former ‘Moesha’ star is scheduled to release “Human,” the follow up to 2004’s “Afrodisiac”, on November 11th.  I LOVE BRANDY! hopefully this new album will be as good as her previous ones, Because this will be her first studio album in 4 years. 




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