50 Cent Connects New Album With New Feature Film !!!


YOO props to Nile Ivey, from BET…Good Lookin 4real!!

50 Cent knows the art of cross promotion. Whether it’s promoting a newly acquired product in correlation with a newly signed artist, 50 knows exactly how to execute and in December, 50 will apply his art of promotion to his own entity. In correlation with his new album, Before I Self-Destruct, G-Unit’s head honcho is prepping the release of a feature film also titled, “Before I Self-Destruct”.

At first glimpse, the film might be pegged as an autobiographical flick, but according to Fiddy, “Before I Self-Destruct’s” acuity will show another form of urban life. “When movies portray certain lifestyles they don’t show cause and effect,” 50 told Rolling Stone. “But I showed characters under pressure in scenarios where they felt like there were no other options, even though there were.” In addition to the film, 50 will also be scoring the picture’s soundtrack, which will be a completely different set from his fourth Lp, Before I Self Destruct, his final offering on the Interscope imprint.

The “Before I Self-Destruct” soundtrack, which 50 A&R’d himself, will showcase a fleet of new talent. But, word on whether or not any of the featured artists on the project are future prospects of the G-Unit family, has yet to be revealed. 50 explained, “I kept the music up to standards. I worked with it until it was right.” He also clarified Interscope Records will have no say so in regards to the soundtrack, “Then Interscope would automatically have the rights to it, when they had absolutely no ownership of the actual material.”

50 will release his Before I Self Destruct album December 9th, but has yet to delegate a date for the movie.

Well i thnk i speak for everybody when i SAY 50 IS A GENIUS


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